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Frantz Hingelberg

After traveling aboard for several years, Frantz Hingelberg returned to his hometown of Aarhus in Denmark to open his own business. With his unfortunate and early death at the age of 48 in 1919, his wife, Nanna, took over the company. In 1924, the Hingelberg’s son, Vilhelm, trained to become a qualified silversmith and assumed control over the family business. 


Svend Weihrauch (1899-1962), who had worked with Georg Jensen, joined the Hingelberg Company in 1928. He successfully led the company’s designs for 30 years (1928-58), and served as head of the silver workshop. The company received international recognition at the 1937 Exhibition in Paris.


In contrast to other silver smithies, Weihrauch did not hesitate to take advantage of the opportunities offered by machines. He advocated the crisp clear style of functionalism and the greater production provided by such designs and techniques of production. The company's most successful period was during the years following World War II. Hingelberg Jewelers reside in Aarhus to this day.


Bio: Hingelberg website

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